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Speed Dating


What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is currently the most popular and widespread dating event taking place across the UK. As the name suggests, speed dating is a case of dating at top speed. The aim of the evening is to meet as many as many people as possible in one evening.

How Does it Work?

Speed dating is a fun and simple concept that gets singles meeting each other. Guests meet up to 20 people of the opposite sex for a series of 3 minute dates. It usually involves girls siting at numbered tables, with the men moving around the room to a different table every 3 minutes.

All guests have a scorecard with them, to make notes of the people they meet.

At the end of each date, guests mark on their scorecard whether or not they would like to see that person again, together with any comments about that person, to help jog their memory. At the end of the speed dating session, guests decide which dates they would like to meet again, and mark them with a "tick".

All guests submit their scores from the evening, and the event is followed up with an email the next day. If two guests "ticked" each other, they have a "match", and their email addresses are forwarded on to each other in the email. It's then up to the guests to get in touch with their matches on email, and arrange to meet up again.

Who Goes Speed Dating?

Pretty much anyone who wants to have a fun evening out and meet new people. There are speed dating events to cater for different people, including different age ranges, ethnicity, sporting interests, and educational background. Singles who simply don't have enough spare time to meet new people due to work pressues, hectic lifestyles, or small social groups try speed dating to meet other singles they would not otherwise meet. .



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