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Dating Tips

Top New Year Dating Resolutions for Singles

Top New Year Dating Resolutions For Singles Fit into your skinny jeans, chuck out the chocolate, save more money. Every year we start thinking about all these new year resolutions we want to better ourselves with. But, have you ever thought about changes you can make to your dating life? If you’re single, you should [...

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Dating Tips

The Perfect Online Dating Profile for 2018

Technology may have moved on from the days of Cyrano de Bergerac, but the power of the written word hasn’t. If you’re looking for love online in 2018, it’s actually pretty simple; you just need to learn how to write the perfect dating profile. Today, the dating scene is dominated by apps with a focus […]...


Dating Tips

How to Create the Best Online Dating Profile Photo

Our friends at the leading Dating Photography Agency Hey Saturday are here to give you their top tips for creating the best online dating profile photo to get you those hits and messages online. So read on to make sure you’ve maximised your chances for online dating success. The ultimate 3 step formula to creating [&h...

Dating Tips

A Guide to Dating in London During ‘Dry January’

You might be throwing a lock on your booze cabinet for charity. Maybe you just want to take this month and detox after the excess and indulgence of the festive period. Or maybe you just fancy the challenge. Whatever your reason for partaking in Dry January (or the Dryathlon), it doesn’t mean you have to […]...

Dating Tips

Top popup cinemas this summer

Fancy a fix of fresh air whilst watching a top blockbuster? Well, a trip to an open air cinema should be at the top of your list. They’re also perfect for treating your date to as they’re a definite twist on the traditional drink and dinner date. Take a bottle of wine, a cosy blanket […]...

Dating Tips

Why you should date a silver fox

When you’re browsing online for dates then make sure that you steer clear of the maximum age category. Don’t think just because your date maybe over 40 that they’re going to be wearing a cardigan and slippers. OH NO, there’s a new breed of hot, older men who are young at heart and errr did […]...

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Stick or Twist? Ditch the Beard before the Date?

Right guys. It’s the night of your first date, and you’re looking in the mirror, pretty happy with what’s staring back. You’re looking sharp in your chinos and brogues. You’re feeling confident in your ability to order something special. The only thing playing on your mind is the facial hair situation. What do you...

Dating Tips

Girls’ Spring Style Tips: Three Ways to Wear Your Coral Jeans

Coral jeans: every girl should have a pair in their wardrobe this season! Coral has been dominating the catwalks and the highstreet for the past few years, and the trend is set to continue through Spring/Summer 2016! This pretty shade teams well with white, cream, denim and other pastels; making it a piece you can mix [&he...

Dating Tips

First Date Drinks: Mix Up Something Special

Hi guys. So you’ve gone from the inbox to IRL, and now you’re standing at the bar wondering what to order after your lovely first date has said “I’ll have what you’re having.” 5 simple words have never seemed so daunting. Your palms are sweating as you look nervously at the cocktail menu. Thoughts start [&hellip...

Dating Tips

First Impressions IRL: How to Be A-OK When You’re AFK

Right guys. You’ve followed our advice here, and you’ve landed yourself a date. Good job! Now it’s time to go AFK (away from the keyboard) and meet your lady IRL (in real life). We know that stepping away from the asynchronous communication of online messaging can make some people feel a little bit vulnerable....

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