Online Dating

Online Dating

The Perfect Online Dating Profile for 2018

Technology may have moved on from the days of Cyrano de Bergerac, but the power of the written word hasn’t. If you’re looking for love online in 2018, it’s actually pretty simple; you just need to learn how to write the perfect dating profile. Today, the dating scene is dominated by apps with a focus […]...


Online Dating

How to Create the Best Online Dating Profile Photo

Our friends at the leading Dating Photography Agency Hey Saturday are here to give you their top tips for creating the best online dating profile photo to get you those hits and messages online. So read on to make sure you’ve maximised your chances for online dating success. The ultimate 3 step formula to creating [&h...


Online Dating

Top Tips to Get Into Online Dating

Feel like you’re ready to start seeing new people again? Whether it’s after a breakup, divorce or a fling, dipping your toe into the waters of online dating sites may seem an unnatural way to meet new singles. However, a quick Google search will prove that’s far from true. Online dating is one of the […]...

Online Dating

Divorce? 5 ways to get your groove back

OK so no one would ever say that divorce was easy, but here it is, a fact of life. Sometimes relationships just don’t work and whether that’s your fault, his fault or just a simple case of growing apart – it’s a transition period in your life. But all too often, divorce can mean having […]...

Online Dating

How to Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile

Online dating should be exciting. After all, it’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals, flirt, share, and maybe – just maybe – fall in love. But there’s a darker side to online dating; one where individuals or groups try to manipulate users into giving up personal information or, more often, money. It’...

Online Dating

Questions to NEVER ask an older woman

When it comes to getting to know your date better, the best way to do that is by asking questions. But there are certain questions that you really need to steer clear of when you’re dating an older woman. Questions, which you may have gotten away with asking in your youth have now become totally […]...

Online Dating

Top popup cinemas this summer

Fancy a fix of fresh air whilst watching a top blockbuster? Well, a trip to an open air cinema should be at the top of your list. They’re also perfect for treating your date to as they’re a definite twist on the traditional drink and dinner date. Take a bottle of wine, a cosy blanket […]...

Online Dating

Why you should date a silver fox

When you’re browsing online for dates then make sure that you steer clear of the maximum age category. Don’t think just because your date maybe over 40 that they’re going to be wearing a cardigan and slippers. OH NO, there’s a new breed of hot, older men who are young at heart and errr did […]...

Online Dating

4 reasons older women fail online dating (and how to fix it)

Online dating is great for people of all ages. Whether you’re 20 or 70 you’re bound to find someone out there to connect with. However, older women can sometimes struggle in this arena, the Daily Mail refers to women 50+ as the ‘Plankton generation’ – i.e. the bottom of the romantic food chain.  But we’ve [...

Online Dating

First Impressions IRL: How to Be A-OK When You’re AFK

Right guys. You’ve followed our advice here, and you’ve landed yourself a date. Good job! Now it’s time to go AFK (away from the keyboard) and meet your lady IRL (in real life). We know that stepping away from the asynchronous communication of online messaging can make some people feel a little bit vulnerable....

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