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Egypt: Sharm - What's the consensus?

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Name Kerry
Age 42
Location London (Greater)

Sharm - What's the consensus?

" Hello

So I'm considering going to Sharm and heard good and bad things about it... can anyone give me some recommendations on this place... thinking about going towards the end of the year for a break with a couple of girlfriends....

What's the deal with the diving?

Thanks "

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Replies to this discussion...

Name Dean
Age: 45
Location: London (Greater)

" Hey Kerry,

I'm heading there with friends at the end of August for 10days or so. I haven't been there myself but they all tell me its wonderful. Very cheap, great night life, clean beachs, easy going casinos and chilled atmosphere with sunny weather. Only negative point is that the cuisine isn't great.

D "

Name ana
Age: 48
Location: Avon

" I went late last year. Was good..but need an armed guard! "

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