3 Sex Drive Boosters

January 15, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Dating Tips


There are certain times in a woman’s life where the sex drive goes in to a slight dip and no matter how hot the guy that you’re dating you just…for want of a better phrase…can’t be bothered.

Well, don’t despair. We’re not going to suggest you rush out to you nearest Ann Summers or Victoria’s Secrets. Instead, we’ve got three times that your sex drive will naturally be boosted.

Before your period: The week before your period is when you want to take full advantage of your man. It’s a scientific fact that women are naturally more orgasmic because estrogen levels are so low that testosterone can take over and increase arousal and desire.

Vitamins: You need to make sure that you’re getting enough folate (so leafy greens) so that your blood levels of histamine increase helping you achieve orgasm easier. Folate also helps produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that’s key to a healthy libido.

Get competitive: Research has found that physical competition (workout together, play a game etc ) can boost women’s testosterone levels by 49 percent. And when testosterone increases, so does the urge to ravish your partner.

What tips do you have to for increasing your sex drive?


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