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Casual Dating:10 rules you need to know

casual dating - the rules you need to know

Let’s be honest, one of the (many) benefits of living in a world with so much dating technology at your fingertips is of course the opportunity for casual dating.

Casual dating is the perfect set up. You can the pro’s of a boyfriend without the commitment and the hassle. What more could you want?

But even though it’s a great way to date, you still have to follow some rules if you’re going to make sure you don’t fall in to any traps.

Here are the 10 rules you need to abide by for casual dating.

Keep those emotions in check. Listen you need to know that if it’s a casual relationship you’re there’s no room for over the top emotions or that L world. If you think you’re falling for your partner then its time to ease back and not see them for a few weeks.

KEEP IT CASUAL. Make a rule you don’t see them anymore than twice a week. After all, that’ll be bordering on a real relationship right? And you don’t want to cross that line.

Don’t expect too much. So he’s not text you back or he’s not able to show up for a date. That’s the nature of casual relationships, you don’t have the right to expect him to be with you at all times or attend to your every whim.

Don’t expect them to be enthralled with the story of your day. Look you have best mates, work mates, parents, housemates – etc, if you have a boring story about work, then don’t expect your casual date to listen to it.

Don’t invite them to meet the parents. First up, how are you planning on explaining the nature of this relationship? Secondly,C.A.S.U.A.L – they don’t want to meet your family and friends, sorry!

No I love you’s. Don’t embarrass yourself. I love you will just lead to one place – ghostville. Seriously, unless you’re prepared to never hear from your casual date again, then hold back from the I love you!!

Set the ground rules. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules in casual relationships. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set your ground rules so you both know the score.
Have a discussion if one of you crosses the line. The thing with a casual relationship is you will come across invisible boundaries. If that line gets crossed then you need to talk about it or else how can you be sure that you won’t keep experiencing the same thing?

Know the truth. They want a relationship, but just not with you. OK so that may seem harsh, but you just have to accept it. When you’re in a casual relationship, both of you are just using each other until a better person comes along.

Keep standards. Just because you’re enjoying a bit of harmless, casual fun it doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to treat you badly or that you have to accept it. Seriously, if you’re feeling as though you’re being trampled on, just end it and walk away.

What are your rules? Share them with us in the comments below or join us on twitter

October 19, 2016 BY Rachael Phillips | Uncategorized