Health benefits of sex!

June 24, 2014 BY Rachael Phillips | Dating News


Great news, as well as making you feel good, sex is actually really good for your health!

Let us explain…

Keeps your immune system strong

If you don’t want to risk picking up colds and the sniffles then best thing to do it get down to it. Regular sex is said to boost the immunoglobulin proteins in our bodies. These act as antibodies and kick-start our immune systems.

Cut your risk of a stroke or heart attack

The scientists at Queen’s University in Belfast have done the research and found that men who have sex three times a week or more cut the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke in half.

It reduces pain

When you have sex you release the hormone oxytocin, which alleviates pain. It lessens aches associated with arthritis and menstrual cramps and helps to regulate women’s monthly cycles.

Makes you look younger & live longer

This is the one we all really love, you can ditch the face cream because research shows that having regular sex can make people look four to seven years younger. It can make you live longer too. Result!

Makes you happier
Having sex can people happier. Even happier than earning more at work! According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research being happily married and getting between the sheets on a regular basis could be equivalent to an extra £61,000 in our pay packets every year.


What do you think? Does Sex make you healthier?

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