About Urbansocial, online dating site for singles in the Australia
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About Urbansocial

Urbansocial is the fresh and stylish dating web site for young singles in Australia.
Urbansocial breaks away from the old-style image of internet dating sites (pastel colours, dorks and bored housewives), and is specifically targeted at funky, young, singles who just want to have fun and meet new people. Our belief is maximise your OTMís - opportunites to meet new people!! You never know, you might just have more luck than those drunken chat up lines in your local!
Urbansocial allows its members to create their own profile, including up to three photos of themselves, and chat to each other on the Urbansocial email messaging service. The benefit of this is that is keeps your personal details confidential.
To maintain a high quality and positive dating experience, Urbansocial personally approves the content of all profiles and photos submitted by its members.
Urbansocial is powered and managed by Urbansocial, the online dating and events service for the UK. For enquiries regarding White Label sites please contact us at [email protected].