10 Ways To Fix A Stale Relationship

August 5, 2016 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


Have you got to that point in your relationship where you are feeling bored, or you’re fighting a lot? Would you rather be spending time with the cat?

Yep. We know how you’re feeling. Relationships go through all kinds of peaks and troughs, it’s normal. But when you’re in the depths of a trough it can feel stale and as though it’s time to call it quits.

Well, the good news is that all relationships go through a stale period but here are a few things that can put the spark back in a dying union.

  1. Try new activities

When it comes to maintaining a good relationship, doing things together is a key staple. So if you’re bored with the usual dinner and drinks, switch it up and try some new, exciting activities together. Whether it be sky diving or a couples massage, new things can boost your happiness in a relationship. So push those comfort zones a little, and do something completely different together. You might be surprised how much it brings you together.

2. Introduce a no TV bedroom

The only thing you need to be paying attention to in the bedroom is each other. Most couples head to bed now and spend time watching tv and playing with their smartphones rather than enjoying precious couple time. So introduce a no TV bedroom rule and have a couple of early nights with the phones left outside the room. Everything else can wait a while.

3. Spend bursts of time together

Spending time together doesn’t have to just be going on a date. It can be short, bursts of time such as having breakfast together, walking to the station before work or just blocking out 20 minutes in the evening for no distraction talk time. Short sharp positive interactions can boost how you feel about each other.

4. Sext

If you’re in a bit of a rut then getting  naughty will certainly move things along. Surprise your other half by sending a few risque messages throughout the day to build up anticipation for fun times later on.

5. Talk

A lot of relationships go wrong because we fail to communicate how we are feeling. Rather than bottling up your feelings, talk to each other and share what it is you need and want from the relationship. Put down your phones, turn off the TV, laptop and put down the paper. Make sure you talk. It sounds so simple, but so many couples fail to realise they actually don’t do it enough.

6. Work out together

A couple that works out together – stays together. You have to work out anyway right? So you may as well do it together. Not only will it boost your motivation to get to the gym but you’ll also have more communication time and will appreciate that you’re both trying to stay fit. 

7. Be honest with yourself about whether you’re doing enough

This is most prevalent when couples live together because it’s often one partner who does more than the other when it comes to things like housework. So make sure that you’re doing your fair share and if you’re doing more than enough, then make sure your partner knows this. And as an added incentive, studies have shown that you partners who do housework together actually have more sex.

8. Work on you

Not all relationship ruts can be solved together. To get satisfaction in your relationship you need to achieve personal life satisfaction to. So make sure you work at creating a life that’s great regardless of who you’re dating.

9. Be affectionate

Affection doesn’t have to just mean sex. A kiss on the cheek, a hug or a supportive text message can all boost feelings of happiness.

10. Talk to people

Talking through your relationship with others can help you view things in a different perspective. Most rows are about the same old thing so by talking it through you can see how others deal with the situations and also give you advice on how to change your own behaviour.