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Quit Smoking to Change Your Sex Life

quit smoking

quit smoking to boost your secx life

It may not be a comfortable thought for many smokers, but regular cigarette smoking changes your sex life. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, when we consider how complex the human body is. All the main organs of the body are connected and depend on one another to function optimally. If we do harm to one part of the body, we could also be doing harm elsewhere. If you think it’s time to quit smoking to change your sex life, then read on.

To keep the science bit brief, the key problem is that over time, the harmful substances in cigarettes, such as tobacco and tar, restrict blood flow around the body. This reduces the oxygen than can be pushed through the body’s circulatory system. Whether you’re dating or in a longer term relationship, if you want to get the most out of your sexual encounters, it’s vital to educate yourself about the effects of smoking on sexual performance.

For Men

Research recently conducted in the USA has shown conclusively that regular smokers experience higher levels of impotency and are less likely to be able to perform sexually. The research revealed that for those smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day, erectile dysfunction increased by 60%, compared with non-smokers of a similar age and profile. This is due to blood flow, with not enough blood reaching the penis to sustain an erection.

Other clinical research has shown that smoking regularly can also impact male libido. It’s thought that this is because the carbon monoxide inhaled during smoking attaches to the haemoglobin in the blood. This also impacts how oxygen is circulated throughout the body. Reduced oxygen levels mean that men feel tired more quickly, and are less likely to feel sexually aroused. It’s well-known that smokers are generally less fit than non-smokers, and this has been demonstrated in the Army. Since having sex requires a degree of cardio fitness, it’s easy to see that smokers could be at a disadvantage. Being breathless in the bedroom should be the result of having great sex, not because smoking has damaged your lungs!

As well as these health issues, there’s another good reason to quit smoking if you want to improve your sex life. Smoking regularly could decrease the number of people who find you attractive, as smoking is seen as a turn-off by many, and it can also affect your appearance. Adding non-smoker to your dating profile could see you get far more matches and successful dates!


For Women

Women who smoke are also affected by reduced libido and cardio fitness, but there are other health concerns to consider for the fairer sex.

One of the main concerns for women who smoke regularly is fertility. The chemicals in cigarette smoke can damage the fallopian tubes, and reduce the chances of sperm successfully reaching their destination. There is also evidence that smoking can harm the cervix, the lining of the uterus and the eggs. In reality, virtually every part of the body will be impacted to some degree by regular smoking.

Back in the bedroom, smoking can have a similar effect on the clitoris as it does on the penis. Reduced blood flow means that a woman’s sexual organs are less able to respond, making sex less enjoyable. Even more alarming, the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke can sometimes cause painful swelling, leading to loss of sensitivity. Just as for men, none of this is a turn-on, and can lead to embarrassment and frustration with new or regular partners.


Whether you’re dating casually or you have a regular partner, you will want to get the most out of sex. So it’s time to kick the smoking habit once and for all. To help you do this, there are plenty of alternatives to cigarettes on the market. These are effective ways to stop smoking and regain your health. Great sex needs stimulation and sensitivity. By stopping the chemicals in cigarettes entering your body, you’ll stop the chances of reducing your body’s sensitivity and responses. It’s better to do this before it’s too late, and the damage has become permanent.

The effects that smoking could be having on your sex life is just one reason to give up. The health risks of long-term smoking are well-known and statistics show just how life-shortening smoking can be. So if you want to live longer and have a better sex life, it’s time to quite smoking. If your dating experiences have been a little lacklustre of late, maybe you don’t need to tweak your dating profile pic or bio…you just need to quit smoking.

August 23, 2017 BY urbansocial | Lifestyle