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11 Reasons Why You Should Date An Irish Guy


As tempting as it is to start this post off with some sort of Irish cliche such as top o’the morning to ya or ohhh the luck of the Irish – I’ll refrain. As someone who dated an Irish guy for more years than I wish to tell you, I think I’m perfectly qualified to share some of the top reasons WHY you should date an Irish guy…

They love their family. Irish men are big family men, they especially love their mothers and who wouldn’t want a man that’s devoted to their family?

They have great sense of humour. The ability to make you laugh should be one of your top priorities when finding a partner. After all, if you can’t have a good laugh then what a miserable life that would be. Irish men have great sense of a humour, often lively and are fun to be around.

They say it like it is. No messing around with Irish men, they say it like it is so you know exactly where you stand.

St Patrick’s Day will be like Christmas. If you’ve never celebrated St Patrick’s day with an Irish man then you’ve not really celebrated it at all. You’ll not only learn about why this saint is celebrated every year (over a Guinness or six) but you’ll also be able to get your green on and party like it’s 1999!

You’ll enjoy a good story. The Irish have a wonderful ability to tell stories. So sit back, relax and enjoy epically good tales.

They’re generous. OK so you may not get the full fave star treatment when you date an average Irish man but you will get a bag of chips and his jacket on the way home, seriously, what more could you ask for?

They dad dance. Sorry you’ll not have any strictly come dancing hopefuls on your hands but you will have a great laugh at the full on dad dancing moves that your man possesses.

Good food and drink. Listen, your guy hails from the country that invented the mashed potato – imagine what life would be like without any mash!! And don’t forget whiskey and Guinness.

There won’t be any awkward silences. The gift of the gab came about for a reason. So don’t worry about having any awkward silences when you’re out for the night.

They’re pretty easy going. Putting aside when their country lose at the rugby, Irish men are pretty easy going.

And last but not least they know how to brew a proper cuppa. You’ll have a first class introduction to Barry’s Tea and you’ll never have to worry about having another bad cup again.

So have your dated an Irish guy? What would you say that their best traits are? Share them with us below or on twitter @UrbanSocialCom

September 15, 2016 BY Rachael Phillips | Lifestyle