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It’s Official; The Irish Are The Sexiest in the World

irish men are the sexiest in the world

It’s not uncommon to see the Irish top the polls for things such as sexiest accent but now Irish men have been voted the sexiest men in the WORLD.

66,000 single American women were polled by travel website and over 8,000 of them agreed that Irish men were the sexiest. Australians came in second place with Pakistani men, American Men and English men following behind.

Over half of the women who took the survey said that the Irish accent influenced their choice.

Here are five reasons why we think that the Irish are the sexiest…

The accent. We couldn’t leave this out after all, 4,000 women in the survey said it was their best trait. Let’s be frank, the Irish accent is sexy, it’s the golden rule.

They’re passionate. About Guinness, about music, about women – they are just passionate full stop. And what women doesn’t want (or deserve) a bit of passion in their lives?

They have some seriously good looks. Dark hair, blue eyes – basically dream men.

They are great fun. The craic is real. You go out with an Irish man and you’ll have plenty of good times.

They love their mothers. So you may spend your entire relationship competing for attention but you know that they love and respect the women in their life.

Full results of the survey…

Sexiest Nationalities for Men
1 Irish – 7,862
2 Australian – 6,486
3 Pakistani – 4,761
4 American – 2,909
5 English – 2,133
6 Scottish – 1,554
7 Italian – 905
8 Nigerian – 721
9 Danish – 670
10 Spanish – 598

Sexiest Nationalities for Women
1 Armenian – 5,971
2 Barbadian/Bajan – 4,036
3 American – 3,402
4 Colombian – 2,741
5 English – 2,006
6 Australian – 1,040
7 Brazilian – 992
8 Filipino – 651
9 Bulgarian – 429
10 Lebanese – 323

How do you think Irish lads rank on the scale of international attractiveness? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.

September 30, 2016 BY Rachael Phillips | Lifestyle