5 Dating Rules For Your 30’s

April 2, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


When you hit your thirties you’ll start to notice that life is completely different from when you’re in your 20’s. And it’s not just life that’s different, dating is different too. When you hit your 30 you start thinking about things more seriously and start to think about the long term instead of just what you’re up to next Friday.

So here are 5 rules for dating in your 30’s

Don’t compare your life to others. OK so your uni roommate maybe settled down and expecting her first child but that doesn’t mean that you’re not where you’re supposed to be. When you’re in your 20’s and 30’s life changes for everyone. Some people move faster than others and just because you’re still posting pictures of drunken nights out instead of baby pictures it doesn’t mean you need to rush things.

Prep yourself for annoying questions: You’re going to be asked things like why you’ve not settled down, why you’re single, why you don’t have kids both by family and by dates. But don’t worry about it. Prepare your answers and you’ll sound even more fabulous than you already are!

Quit the game playing: You are in your 30’s now so it’s quite a while since you left school – which incidentally is the only place where game playing is acceptable. Game playing in relationships is a game that no one wins.

Expand your dating circle: If you’ve only met men via friends or at parties then it’s time to widen your circle and start thinking outside of the box. Think about signing up to an online dating website or maybe start a new activity.

Start to speak up in the bedroom: In your 20’s you probably just went with the flow and faked the odd thing. But now you’re in your 30’s you need to start getting what you want.


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