8 Don’t’s for First Dates

October 20, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


Dating is hard, we all know that but there are somethings that you really should and shouldn’t do. This is a two part post where we will go through the do’s and don’t’s of first dates. If you’ve anything to add, please leave a comment below or tweet us @urbansocialcom

Don’t let him know you’ve been cyber stalking him. Google and facebook are your best friends when it comes to checking out your potential new beau. But even though it’s an open secret, that doesn’t mean that you need to tell your man that you’ve been cyber stalking. If you tell him, you WILL creep him out.

Don’t drink too much. It’s easy to down a large wine in less than ten minutes when you’re nervous, but those nerves will also ensure that wine goes to your head quicker than normal. Just stick to one or two wines, my advice would be have spritzers, that way it’s watered down a bit and it’ll save you making any dodgy decisions that you’ll regret in the morning.

Don’t have a negative attitude. Even just bitching or gossiping can make you look like a negative Nellie. Your potential beau wants to see you in the best light possible, so you need to make sure that you’re happy and positive.

Don’t order the salad. Don’t order something because you think it’ll look good. If you want a big, juicy steak or a burger, go for it. Your man will appreciate seeing you eating properly and if you’re drinking, you need something substantial to soak it up.

Don’t question his details. So he put 6 foot on his dating profile but he’s actually 5’10”, don’t bring it up on the first date, it’ll cause embarrassment. Save it for something to laugh at when you’re in an established relationship and you’ve got the banter down.

Don’t turn your dates into therapy sessions. Your date doesn’t care about your problems, at least not yet. No one wants to listen to you going on about your sick cat or spiralling credit card bills. If you want a second date, talk less, listen more.

Don’t talk about your ex. We would say this is obvious but still people do it. No good can ever come from talking about your ex. It’ll look like you’re still hung up on them and it’ll be a huge turn off.

Don’t talk about sex. Unless you’re planning on having sex on the first date, in which case you should definitely talk about your sexual history.