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5 Tips to Build Sexual Attraction on a First Date

Build Sexual Attraction on a First Date

Guys, ladies, have you ever wondered about how to build sexual attraction on a first date? If the answer’s yes, you might have been tempted to turn to Google for some answers. And when you do, you’ll no doubt be met by an avalanche of information – mostly written by pick-up artists.

If you read some of their handiwork, it can come off as more than a little slimy. Particularly those articles written by men, for men, to help them get women into bed. Cue roll of the eyes. But for many single professionals dating in real life can get the pulse racing for all the wrong reasons. Turn those first date nerves into sexually charged sparks instead! 

We wanted to try a different tact and write something for both men and women, with the focus firmly on creating a fun – and sexually charged – atmosphere on a first date. Read on for our top 5 tips.

5 Tips for Building Sexual Attraction on a First Date

Tip 1: Make Eye Contact

Sounds simple, right? But the truth is, when your nerves are frayed on a first date, it can be all too easy to look anywhere but into the eyes of your date. However, to go some way towards building even a small amount of sexual tension between the two of you, you need to make eye contact.

Now, don’t turn the entire date into a staring contest. A few subtle glances now and again, coupled with more direct, engaging eye contact ought to do the trick. That way you’ll show your date that you’re actually interested in what they have to say, all while making that crucial unspoken connection.


Tip 2: Share Some Space

If you’re on the date and you like one another, there’s probably a level of physical attraction already in play. And as the date progresses, and things are going well, you’ll find yourself getting closer to your date (both figuratively and literally).

Chemistry is about being comfortable with each other, and sharing some personal space should see sparks fly.


Tip 3: Be Tactile

There’s no better way of creating sexual tension on a first date than with the sense of touch. Walking through a crowded bar? A hand on the arm or the small of the back can send a little tingle. Sitting close and chatting? A small nudge or playful punch can introduce a physical element to a blossoming relationship. The key is to come off as fun, but not too ‘handsy’. Timing is everything. In the words of the Cranberries, you have to let it linger. Just don’t cross any inappropriate boundaries! In other words, it’s not a good idea to tickle a first date…  


Tip 4: Mirror Their Body Language

If you want to let your date know that you’re on the same wavelength, copy their body language. This is a great way to bond quickly, and it can be quite contagious too. Smile when they smile and adopt an open sitting position if they’re doing the same; that is, turn your body towards them and don’t cross your arms. Essentially, when you mirror your date’s body language, you’re telling them that you feel the same.

For men, look to mirror a woman’s facial expression when she’s talking. Typically, she will think of you as being more intelligent and attractive when you do so. But for women mirroring a man, it’s important to know that he won’t use his face to express his feelings – instead, he’ll use his body. So try to subtly match his movement to show you’re interested.


Tip 5: A Long Goodbye

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s nice to feel wanted, particularly by someone you want. It prompts that nice, warm feeling inside. And one of the best ways of creating that feeling is to delay your goodbye.

At the end of the date – assuming you’ve both had a nice time – and time has come to say goodnight, squeeze a little more out of that hug. By holding on for a few seconds more, you’re subconsciously (or consciously) letting your date know that you’re definitely attracted to them. And by throwing in some eye contact, this unspoken act of lust is all but complete.






July 12, 2018 BY Iain Gorman | Love & Sex

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