Attract the Relationships You Want

December 24, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


When we decide to get started on the dating trial then we usually have a pretty good idea of what we want from a relationship. Most of the time it’s unrealistic and idealistic but still you get an idea of the kind of relationship you want.

Here are 5 Ways to Attract the Relationships You Want

Know What You Want. Do you know exactly what you want in a relationship?  Is it the same for every kind of relationship you have?  Make a list of the criteria you have for a positive or healthy relationship.

Now you can look at each of your relationships and decide if it meets your requirements.  If not, you have a starting point for creating what you want.  All of us, at any time, have five choices regarding our relationships.  We can accept the relationship the way it is and be happy.  We can remain a victim to the relationship.  We can change the relationship.  We can change our perspective of the relationship.  We can leave the relationship.

Change Your Beliefs about What You Deserve. If you want the best relationships have to offer, you have to believe you deserve the best.  Otherwise, you will settle for less than the best. Whatever you believe, you will attract.  So start believing what you want is truly possible.

Be Who Your Ideal Is. Don’t just expect your ideal partner to turn up and be the person of your dreams when you have so much work to do on yourself. Be the person who you want to attract, if you’re looking for someone whose happy – start being happy. Looking for someone whose positive about things and loves to travel, start being positive and book that trip. The changes start with you.

Stop rising to bait. In the most intimate relationships, we often engage in the bait rising.  Our partner, or someone we’re very close to, will say something that triggers us.  From our subconscious mind, we react, and the rise begins.  Every person that comes into a relationship, including ourselves, has some emotional baggage we carry with us.  Drop the luggage and stop raising to any bait thrown your way. You’ll be happier and healthier mentally by doing so.

Create a Sacred Space. Create a red velvet rope policy in your life.  Imagine you are entering a high quality event. You walk up to the attendant and hand him your high priced ticket and he opens the red velvet rope to let you through.  Pretend your life is that high quality event and you get to decide who enters that sacred space.  There is a great importance to protecting your energy and keeping your life positive.  Before you let just anyone in, as who gets to enter your sacred space?

Positive and high energy relationships will add more to your life than you can imagine.  So start today and attract exactly what you want from your relationships.