Dating profile for Solarian aged 40 from Manchester who works in Sales and Marketing

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Solarian, 57

from Brighton, Eastbourne from Manchester

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GenderMale, Straight
Looking forA bit of fun
Star SignAquarius
NationalityNorth American
UniversityNot Applicable...
HairGreying, Short
ProfessionSales and Marketing
EthnicityWhite, Caucasian
Smokes?Don't Smoke
Drinks?Drink Socially
About Solarian

What I like to do?
I like to travel and see the world. I have been to 22 coun tries up to now. So far, I have not been to the south of Europe and long to go there. I lived in Germany for a while, which was a rewarding experience on many levels.

I am an active person. I keep in shape by running, hiking, lifting weights and occasionally rollerblading. When I workout I continually try to push myself to new levels. I used to ride a lot through the Santa Monica Mountains when I lived in LA, I ride less now but still enjoy biking. I yearn to do the Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride again. I enjoy scuba diving and have done a considerable amount of diving off of the Channel Islands including night diving in which you go out and catch lobsters hiding under rocks with your hands. When I travel to places that have great diving, I usually make plans to dive. I have not skied or gone camping for quite some time; however, I look forward to getting back into it. Soon, I hope. I also used to ride a motorcycle (dirt bike) for years, while I doubt I will get back into dirt bikes, I’m more interested in a street bike and taking trips. I like a good adventure!

Music and the arts are especially important to me. I like many types of music. For a number of years I had season tickets to the Oregon Symphony. This year I saw Beethoven’s 9th (An die Freude, I go see this symphony every time, I love it so much), Ravel and Rachmaninoff. I’m a big Dean and Sinatra fan too. On the other hand, I can listen to Linkin Park, Coldplay or The Killers. Quite diversified. The Cars have been a persistent favorite. I can always listen to the piano, I love it, and live Jazz is such a thrill. I was in Frankfurt recently and spent the night at the Jazzkeller. I love to go out to concerts, dancing or just hangout in a pub/wine bar. I recently went Salsa dancing in Mexico City, not that I’m a good Salsa dancer.

I find the creative nature and talents that bring stage, movie, photography, and art to life to be truly emotionally moving. These things humans create symbolize life at its most poignant moments.

I am a baseball fan, particularly the Dodgers, really the only team I have an allegiance to. I love to go to Dodger games; especially if I can relax in the sun, have a Dodger Dog, a beer and a bag of peanuts; second only to enjoying the company of a good friend/mate for a few hours.

I cook. Being from a close Italian family, I make great Italian food. On Thanksgiving, I cook a great turkey, stuffing and gravy. Can you say “roux”? There is no type of food I don't like and I'm always in search of fantastic cuisine. I love wine, one of life’s many pleasures. At a nice meal, wine tasting, or in a secluded cove out of a picnic basket, wine is your friend. In the summer it is all about being outside, enjoying the weather and grill’n. From time to time I like to make a Boston Butt, which slow cooks all day, when it is done you make pulled pork sandwiches in a North Caroline Vinegar Sauce, simply fantastic!

From time to time, I like to grab a beer and watch something funny on TV, particularly, The Office or Boston Legal. Current favs: Lost, Heroes, Greys and Medium. All time favorite TV show is Rockford Files (James Garner is a Man’s Man) and I like the old Columbo (it’s a corny 70’s thing). Otherwise, it’s the History Channel, Modern Marvels or Myth Busters (it’s a guy thing)…

Who I am?
A successful confident intelligent man. I consider myself social, cultured and worldly. I’m a passionate person, with a mild manner and a good sense of humor. I’m considered friendly, trustworthy and respectful. Ambitious career minded visionary with big ideas, high standards and a perfectionist. I’m genuine, fair and honest, and considered very responsible and pragmatic. I consider myself very independent. I take pride in my appearance by taking care of myself and dressing well.

One of the few experts in my field, I have a master’s degree level of education (BS Electrical Engineering and MBA) plus various industry achievements. For a living, I speak with the world’s largest companies about solutions to best protect data from major disasters.

When I’m not working, I’m a father of 3 boys who thrill me to no end with their wit, intelligence and endless energy.

What I'm looking for?
Going through life without sharing beautiful, exciting, interesting and unique experiences leaves a large void and a severe lack of gratification. The right person brings a combination of familiar and unfamiliar experiences driving activities you already know and enjoy, as well as, new rewarding adventures.

I consider myself a traditional gentleman and all that that entails, admiring a classy and fashionable lady. A proper relationship requires someone who is responsible, sincere and open, additionally, someone who can grow intimacy over time (this is not a sexual reference). I respect people who are passionate about some aspect of their lives. A positive, playful and intriguing mate adds the right spice to life. Other special traits include the ability to be affectionate anywhëre and an irresistible charm.

It is important to me that you have the ability to challenge me using your confidence, intelligence, experience and wit. You must have a great degree of independence.

You know culture and can enjoy the good life as well as be humble to those that are not so fortunate. When I travel to various places in the world I never want to come across as an arrogant American. I’m humble and always try to learn and abide by the local customs, as not to disgrace myself and my coun try. While in Yakatori Alley, Shinjuku, Tokyo I sat with Japanese men who spoke no English and by the end of the evening we were all pouring each other’s beers and having a great time.

Our daily agendas are often relentless. If you don’t, can’t or won’t take the time to put everything aside for a while and relax, preferably with a nice wine, that is a shame. You should be able to sit and enjoy music. Music is not just something you listen to when in the car, while working, doing chores, or during exercise.

You must have an active lifestyle. I prefer not to do my current activities alone and I’m not looking for a sideline, rather, a teammate. You do not need the same repertoire as I; part of the fun is to learn from and challenge each other.

Seize the weekend! I like to plan things, mainly because I hate when things go sideways due to poor planning, but mostly because there is great anticipation when you plan an activity like an excursion or weekend adventure. Does this sound like you?

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More about Solarian: Solarian is a 57 year old male from Manchester who works in Sales and Marketing. Solarian is blue eyed with an athletic build and is a Aquarius.

I like : Scuba Diving , Running, Baseball, Gym , Mental Sports (e.g. Sudoku), Pool, Walking/Hiking

Solarian has travelled to 21 countries including Japan, China, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Austria, Singapore, United States of America, Germany, Norway, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Chile, Belgium

Solarian would love visit 18 countries including New Zealand, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Palau, Fiji, Italy, Finland, Poland, Spain, Russia and 8 more

My Likes
like no.1 Wine
like no.2 Beaches
like no.3 Classy Ladies
My Dislikes
dislike no.1 Attitude
dislike no.2 Losers
dislike no.3 Manipulators
My Favourite
Favourite film Film
Favourite book/author Book
Favourite album/band Music
Favourite holiday Holiday