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Keeping the Pleasure Going During Quarantine Dating

Photo: Charles Deluvio, Unsplash No matter where you’re located, it’s likely that you are encouraged to self-quarantine right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This also probably means that you’ve put your dating life on hold unless you’re lucky enough to be in isolation with a significant other. Whatever your ...

Is the Coronavirus good for dating?


Is the Coronavirus Good For Dating?

It’s a funny old world just now, with unprecedented and slightly bonkers scenarios unfolding everywhere. As restrictions increase, daily life is changing, and people are being told to avoid social interaction. So, what impact is the Coronavirus (aka Covid-19) having on singles looking for some Spring romance to fill ...

Dating Tips for Irish Singles Looking for Love

Dating Tips

3 Dating Tips for Irish Singles Looking for Love in 2020

As another year draws to a close, singles across Ireland will be taking stock of how their love life panned out in 2019 and setting their sights on the new year. The Emerald Isle is home to thousands of singles who will be actively looking for love again in 2020. But are Irish singles really ...

Dating Tips

3 Best Dating Site Tips for 2020

Online dating in 2020 – who’s in and who’s out? Well, depending on your success rate this year, you might be for or against more dating site antics in 2020. If you’ve not yet found that someone special online dating, it could be that you need to change your approach. It’s time to bring your ...

Date Ideas

5 Festive First Date Ideas in London this Christmas

When it comes to festive first date ideas in London, there’s so much going on in the Capital, it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, if you’ve managed to find yourself a first date at this hectic time of the year – good work! With the endless present sourcing, work deadlines and Christmas parties, ...


How to Find Your Perfect Match

When it comes to dating, singles everywhere are hoping to find their perfect match. But what is a perfect match? Single men and women these days are looking for their ideal date, that perfect person that ticks all of those boxes whether that be interests, hobbies, looks or wealth. But what if these lists have ...

Guy Talk

4 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Cougar

The idea of younger men dating older women isn’t a new phenomenon, but one that’s become much more recognised and talked about over the last few years. TV shows like Sex and the City and Cougar Town, together with the growing list of female celebrities dating younger men has to no doubt contributed to the ...


Meeting Your New Partner’s Grown Up Kids

I’m of an age where it would be verging on unusual to meet a man who doesn’t have kids. I don’t have any of my own however so having a partner who does have kids, is something I hoped I would really love. Being of a certain age also means that the kids are usually ...

First Dates

How to Dress for a Blind Date

Image: Unsplash Let’s be honest – blind dates are stressful occasions. The assurance of attraction with a pre-agreed date is replaced with a nervous mystery that places heavy emphasis on the importance of a good first impression. So, today, we’re here to settle some of those pre-date nerves. we’ll give you ...