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Online Dating

How to Spot a Fake Online Dating Profile

Online dating should be exciting. After all, it’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals, flirt, share, and maybe – just maybe – fall in love. But there’s a darker side to online dating; one where individuals or groups try to manipulate users into giving up personal information or, more often, money. It’s ...

First Date Facial Hair Tips for Men


Essential First Date Facial Hair Grooming Tips

You’ve got yourself a hot date – the time and place is arranged, and you want this one to go well. Getting both your first date chat and outfit sorted are key to making a good first impression. But did you know that your first date will also make a judgement about you based on ...

The perfect date for you is out there


Top Dating Tips for Finding Your Perfect Man

Are you looking for that perfect date? Or better still, that perfect man; aka Mr. Right? We’re sure that by now, you know that the world of dating and the world of love isn’t so black and white, and instead involves a huge grey area of unwritten rules, unwanted hiccups and potentially life-changing plans.   ...

First Dates

8 Things Guys Wish Girls Did on a First Date

We’ve all been on good dates. We know what they look like, we recognise their qualities. And we’ve all been on those absolute horror show dates; ones where we can’t wait to get home, bolt the door shut, and change our phone numbers. But what about the dates in the middle? The ones that tread the ...


24 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards for Singles

Let’s just cut to the chase – Valentine’s Day can be a bit rubbish. Especially if you’re single. If you’ve been anywhere near a supermarket since just after Christmas, you’ll have seen your fair share of heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped chocolates, and saccharine, cheesy, lovey-dovey greetings cards. You’re ...

Date Ideas

A Guide to Dating in London During ‘Dry January’

You might be throwing a lock on your booze cabinet for charity. Maybe you just want to take this month and detox after the excess and indulgence of the festive period. Or maybe you just fancy the challenge. Whatever your reason for partaking in Dry January (or the Dryathlon), it doesn’t mean you have to ...

Guy Talk

A Guy’s Guide to the Office Christmas Party

In the immortal words of Bob Geldof: It’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid. Just because it’s the season of office Christmas parties doesn’t mean you need to worry yourself sick. Sure, there’s plenty of opportunity to make a fool of yourself, but if you follow this handy guide, you’ll be able ...


Guys Fashion: 3 Hot Autumn Dating Looks for You to Recreate

Autumn trends incorporate checkered shirts, cosy knits and seasonal chinos. Our three smart, casual looks will ensure you’re dressed the part for your date this fall, whether you’re heading for the great outdoors or enjoying a classic dinner date. Look 1 A bomber jacket, beanie and trainers doesn’t sound like a great ...


Casual Dating:10 rules you need to know

Let’s be honest, one of the (many) benefits of living in a world with so much dating technology at your fingertips is of course the opportunity for casual dating. Casual dating is the perfect set up. You can the pro’s of a boyfriend without the commitment and the hassle. What more could you want? But ...

Date Ideas

Top 9 Spots for a Sunday Roast Date in Dublin

Is there anything better for curing a fuzzy head on a Sunday than a roast?  We’ll answer that for you: of course not! So whether you fancy a relaxed first or second date getting to know each other over some tatties and gravy. Or you overdid it the night before with your date, having one ...

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