The Most Important Relationship Advice Tip

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Liv Seaton is back to give Urbansocial dating followers her most important relationship advice tip for all singletons or daters currently dating or in a relationship. If you’re only going to follow one piece of relationship or dating advice, make it this one!

The Top Relationship Advice Tip by Liv Seaton

Hi Urbansocial dating followers, it’s Liv again. Today I have got 30 seconds to pass onto you the most important relationship advice tip that I ever got from someone else. That was from my mum. It was quite simply to always listen to your gut instinct. It’s the one thing that will keep you safe the most in online dating. But it’s also the one thing that will throw up any issues in any subsequent relationships that will help you have a more successful and happy relationship. See you later!

What is your Gut Instinct

Your gut instinct is a powerful tool, and is similar if not the same as what is known as your intuition. Psychologists believe that your unconscious mind is responsible for a lot more of your decision-making than you might be aware of. Even when you try to make a decision that is based purely on logic alone, your subconscious mind has a part to play and adds extra information into the mix.

Psychology Today lists 3 main reasons why you should listen to your gut instinct:

  • It has evolved from your own past experiences in life, and the knowledge you’ve gained from them.

The experiences you have already been through in life help guide you to making the best decisions for the future. While others can give you their opinion, only you have that previous knowledge to know what the best path is for you. A lot of life decisions that involve feelings, like relationships, need you to make them based on what you feel is best.

  • It’s become coded into your brain and connects your body, mind and spirit

Past experiences help to shape you, and create those feelings of excitement and nervousness as well as negative feelings. That’s why your gut instinct is so powerful, it connects your body and mind and spirit, and ultimately shapes how you behave in situations.

  • It connects you with all the nerve cells in your body

Describing your gut instinct is tricky. The butterflies in your tummy is a result of millions of nerve cells being triggered by the subconscious part of your brain. Listening to these feelings is listening to your mind.

So when it comes to relationships and dating, your gut instinct should never be ignored, even if it can’t be explained. Forget your friends and family giving you advice, the most important relationship advice is right there with you.

Great Gut Instinct Quotes in Dating

Here are some great quotes around the internet highlighting the importance of your gut when it comes to relationships. So don’t ignore it!

Gut instinctgut6
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