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Can you date without a drink during Dry January?


Are you doing Dry January? If you are then you may be thinking about putting your dating life on hold until you can once again have a drink.

But before you put a hold on your dating profile, trust me, dating during Dry January is possible.

Here are just a few concerns you may have and how to get over it.

A boring date

We’ve all been on dates where the most interesting thing in front of us is the glass of pinot grigo you’re sipping but if you’re bored then its a good time to call time on the date. After all, you can’t be permanently drunk every time you see this person.

Liquid courage

Dating is HARD. Especially if you get nervous before you head out on a date. But treat yourself to a pampering session or do something else that’ll give you the confidence you need without reaching for the bottle.

Isn’t the best date dinner and a drink?

This is your chance to get creative about where you go on your first date. Seriously, dinner and a drink has been done to death so start thinking of new places and new things to do. Maybe head to the zoo or an art gallery or go for a midday date and grab a coffee. You’ll probably have a better time and it’ll be more memorable.

What about sex?

When we drink our standards lower somewhat and we can do things we wouldn’t normally do sober. So really not drinking is GOOD thing for your sex life. Having sex with someone for the first time is always going to be a bit weird and awkward, that’s just part of life. But at least you’ll be present.

Are you still dating during Dry January? Tell us about your experiences on Twitter.

January 8, 2016 BY Rachael Phillips | Lifestyle