How to boost your sexual confidence

October 29, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


If you’re feeling insecure about your activities in the bedroom then fear not. You may just need a boost to your sexual confidence.

Sexual confidence can take some time to develop and it doesn’t always just come naturally. Here are a few tips that you can take to boost your own sexual confidence and learn how to love sex.

Learn how to pleasure yourself. Before you can please anyone else, you’ve got to know how to please yourself. Start taking things in to your own hands because it’s a well known fact that women who masturbate frequently are more confident in the bedroom and have satisfying sex lives. Once you know how to give yourself pleasure then the rest will follow.

Know how sexy you are. Again, if you don’t see it, how do you expect anyone else to?  It is time to start seeing yourself as the sexy, beautiful woman you really are.  Think back to the last time you felt truly sexy; where were you, what were you wearing, what made that day so special? It’s time to build on that memory and make new ones. Go do whatever it is that makes you feel truly sexy and get used to that idea!

Ask for it. You want something? Don’t just sit and wait, ask for it. If you want to start enjoying sex then you have to start living life on your terms. Start speaking out and communicating your needs to your partner, when he knows what you want, he’ll also feel more secure with things. Communication is key to all aspects of a relationship, especially in the bedroom. Start practicing these five little words “Now let’s try it like this…”

Just follow these three tips and you’ll find yourself in bedroom heaven in no time.