How to relax before a first date

June 11, 2015 BY Rachael Phillips | Advice


Let me tell you, I’ve been known to work myself in to such a frenzy before a first date that I’ve sat there, in front of the man of my dreams (well, so I thought at the time)flustered, hot, feeling as though I’m on the brink of throwing up. It’s seriously, NOT, fun.

And internet dating kind of makes it worse. After all, you’ve gotten to know the personality behind the screen and by the time it comes to that first date, there are times when you’re already at the “am I in love?” moment.

But don’t fear, just because first date jitters are the “norm”  that doesn’t mean you can try out some of the following relaxation techniques to chill yourself out before you go…

Have a bath. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready before the first date and make sure that you treat yourself to a long, hot, soapy bath. Seriously, rushing around before you leave will just make things worse. So have some me time and indulge.

Get your hair done. When your hair is good then life is good. Go get your hair done before your big date, it doesn’t have to be a full cut and blow-dry but just a treatment or a blow dry will make all the difference.

Give yourself a confidence boost. Stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a big old compliment. Your gorgeous eyes, your beaming smile, your amazing sense of humour – all those things need to be recognised.

Now it’s over to you. How do you relax before a first date? Or perhaps you just don’t get nervous. Why not share your stories with us on Twitter; @UrbanSocialCom