Successful Speed Dating in Cardiff by Slow Dating

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Successful Speed Dating in Cardiff
When:Tue, 12 Feb 2019
Where:Mocka Lounge Cardiff cf10-1fl
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Successful Speed Dating in Cardiff


Successful Speed Dating in Cardiff

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About this Event

If you are looking to enjoy a fantastic night out, meet gorgeous likeminded singles and dance the night away, look no further than Cardiff's most sought after venue, Mocka Lounge. With a reputation for style, elegance and luxury due to its buzzing atmosphere and stunning surroundings, Mocka Lounge is most definitely the place to be if you live, work or socialise in the city of Cardiff. And, as one of the most established clubs in the city, this city centre venue is the perfect setting for our exclusive Cardiff speed dating events. Award winning cocktails and live music, DJs and TVs all around, this ideally located city hotspot delivers something truly exceptional, each and every time. As one of the most desirable spots in the capital, Mocka Bar is a buzz with life, laughter and energy and with this in mind it's easy to see why Slow Dating chooses to hold our speed dating events here, month after month. Our events are an absolute hit with the locals and visitors alike and long may this continue! Experienced, friendly hosts mixed with lots of enthusiastic likeminded singles is a winning combination, so why stop doing what works? So, if you fancy getting out of the house in the hope of finding that special someone for fun, friendship or forever love, our fun filled evenings could be just what you are looking for. Don't delay; get yourself along to Mocka Lounge and see what speed dating in Cardiff has to offer with the Slow Dating team! Price: £20

Venue Location

tracey - Member

tracey.., 48

Crazybassman - Member

Crazyb.., 56

marie - Member

marie, 44

Nick - Member

Nick, 37

Laura - Member

Laura, 35

Paulus - Member

Paulus.., 34

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Jacqueline - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Jacque.., 68

Deborah - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Debora.., 53

Portland - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Portla.., 63

Chris - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Chris, 57

Mandy - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Mandy, 48

Derek - UrbanSocial Mature Member

Derek, 46

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Liz - Dating After Kids Member

Liz, 68

Simon - Dating After Kids Member

Simon, 30

Julia - Dating After Kids Member

Julia, 51

Tim - Dating After Kids Member

Tim, 40

Lkm - Dating After Kids Member

Lkm, 40

Vic - Dating After Kids Member

Vic, 72

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