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Online Dating Stories

We, at Urbansocial love getting stories and feedback from our members. Here are just a few of the latest internet dating stories from our members.

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It Really Does Work!

"After some unsuccessful dates and a lot of hours browsing, I started emailing a chap in April and finally after a few months and what felt like knowing each other for years, we both finally got around to meeting up. 18 months on, we are still happily together. Urbansocial is a fantastic way to meet people if you live in a city, like London, where you cant meet people in the usual way. Well done Urban Social! And to everyone else, it really does work!"

Rachel S

Fingers Crossed...

"Hi Urbansocial, this is just a quick message to let you know I’m getting married thanks to you guys! I met Jessica on your site about 2 years ago and we have been living together for around a year now. I asked her to marry me in June and we’re planning on getting married next July. Lots of time for her to change her mind but fingers crossed. Who would ever have thought adding a profile and a bad photo to your online dating site would have resulted in this… (better photo included)…Thanks again, Chris."

Chris G

I Met The Lovely Ben...

"I met the lovely Ben on Urbansocial and have just returned from our most wonderful honeymoon this September. I just wanted to say thanks Urbansocial for making it all possible!"

Sophie H

Everyone’s been Talking About Internet Dating...

"Everyone’s been talking about internet dating, so I thought what the hell. I’m up for anything, once at least. So I uploaded a profile, sent a few messages to some cute guys and hey presto got a few back. One guy stuck out as distinctly my type, so flirty emails ensued, and after a couple of weeks we went on the first date. As we’d been communicating so much it didn’t really feel like a first date, as we had so much to talk about. He looked much better in real life, and by the end of the evening, we knew we were onto something. It’s been 10 months and he has just popped the question, and I’ve said YES!. So thanks Urbansocial for aiding me to find the man of my dreams!"

Andrea S

Thank you Urbansocial!

"Thank you Urbansocial! I never thought online dating would really work for me, until I met David on your site. We lived in the same part of London, went to the same bars and had probably eyed each other up before, but never met! But you made that all possible, so thank you!"

Lisa P

What a Great Site, and a Pretty Cool One at That

"What a great site, and a pretty cool one at that. Despite being an undercover online dater, the truth soon came out among my mates when I met Sarah the stunner. My cover was blown, but boy was it worth it! We’re moving in together next week, so fingers crossed it all works out. Thanks Urbansocial."

James T

I’m No Longer a Sceptic of Online Dating

"Well, I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know I can safely say I’m no longer a sceptic of online dating, since I met an outstanding girl on your site. She says it was my witty emails that hooked her in, I still think it was my stunning profile and photo. But either way, you’ve saved me from a bachelor’s life of spinning horrendous chat up lines and failing miserably! So thanks!"

Robin H

Have a Word with Bridget Jones..

"I think I need to have a word with Bridget Jones, and tell her to get on your site. I was her double act until I joined your site and met the lovely James. Had almost given up the ghost for finding my Mr Darcy, until I realised I had a message waiting in my inbox! I’m pretty hopeful he’s the one, so had to say thanks, and I’ll keep you posted if we get to wedding bells!"

Becky T

A Nice Crowd of People

"I was initially wary about dating on the net, but being single for a number of months, I decided to join a number of dating websites, including Urbansocial. I very quickly realised the quality of the sites varied greatly. Urbansocial was quick, easy, user friendly and had a nice crowd of people. One particular girl I was writing to really set off a spark, and we arranged to meet for a coffee after exchanging quite a number of e-mails through the site. Although still a little sceptical, I met up with her, and well, the rest is history. Thank you Urbansocial. Good luck to everybody, it does really work. I promise."

Dan O'C

Had Fun Trying...

"Although I can’t say I’ve met the love of my life yet on Urbansocial, I’ve certainly had fun trying and been on some great dates. Swore I would never do online dating, but when I saw the people on Urbansocial, it looked as though everyone was doing it, so I got stuck in. Well done Urbansocial for keeping me beating my mates for great dates!"

Chris H

Quality of Members

"Having been on a few of the dating services out there, Urbansocial has been a breath of fresh air for me. I guess I’m probably a bit biased now I’ve met someone on your site, but the overall quality of the members was so much better, and people were a lot more sociable and fun than other sites where people seemed a bit more desperate to find their true love. I’ve recommended your site to all my single friends, as I think it’s a great site!"

Cath R

Sexy Bomb Shells

"Why didn’t I find your site sooner? Keep bringing in the sexy bomb shells Urbansocial, I’m the main man at the moment with all these lovely ladies!"

Mark E

Great Set of Friends

"I didn’t have a great deal of confidence when I started online dating, but the people on Urbansocial made me feel so at home. I’ve met a great set of friends as well as been on a few dates, so it’s done me no end of good for getting back to the confident person I once was. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get there."

Emma D

Great Times

"Hello groovy people! Thanks for having the best dating site going. I've moved back to Australia now, but just wanted to say thanks again for many nights of fun and good times! "

Anthony R