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5 Online Dating Tips for Guys Who Are Home Alone on a Friday Night

man reading online dating tips for guys

Fellas, are you facing another Friday night of scrolling and swiping, looking for that perfect date?

Is your inbox still sitting empty? Your phone suspiciously quiet?

Maybe it’s time to tweak your approach.

By following these 5 simple online dating tips for guys, your fortunes could soon change for the better.

Online Dating Tips for Guys


1. Put Yourself in Her Heels

Figuratively speaking, of course.

A top tip for taking your online dating game to the next level is to create a female dating profile and spend a day experiencing life on the other side of the inbox. Sure, this can feel a little disingenuous, but as long as you don’t lead anyone on and delete the profile once you’re done, it can be very insightful.

You’ll want to pay attention to the language and style of the messages you receive. How many are fully formed and thoughtful? How many appear to be copy & paste efforts with little or no imagination? Take note of what you need to do to stand out.  


2. Demonstrate Your Qualities

When it comes to writing your profile, one of the major mistakes you can make is simply listing your traits and interests. All you’re doing is creating a bit of a boring checklist for the reader.

Instead, you need to demonstrate your qualities and captivate your potential date.

Don’t just write “travel” when you could share a story about a favourite trip abroad. And don’t just say you’re “funny” when you’ve got an opportunity to actually be funny.

Remember, you need to keep the reader reading to the point where they want to learn more about you. It can’t be dull. It can’t be matter-of-fact. You need to be engaging.


3. Nail That Profile Picture

A solid dating profile is as much about the image you choose to use as it is the words you write to describe yourself. While you’ll ultimately want your date to like you for who you are on the inside, the way you present yourself on the outside will have a major bearing on your online dating success.

The good news is, we can help you nail your profile picture with this guest post from multi-award winning dating photography agency Hey Saturday.

Follow the steps outlined and you’ll get your story across, stand out from the crowd, and look great doing so.


4. Try “You mention…”

“Hi. How r u?”

Yawn. You can do better than that. Put some real thought into crafting a personal message instead of firing out the same generic greeting time and time again.

By doing so, you’ll show that you’ve actually read her profile for starters.

Instead, try including “you mention…” followed by something mentioned in her profile. According to a study by OKCupid, messages using this approach have a much better chance of receiving a reply.

Think about it, which are you more likely to respond to?

  • “Hey, what’s up?”


  • “Hey, you mention you like rock climbing. I LOVE rock climbing! Have you been to…”

Need more help writing the perfect message? Read this excellent guest post by Liv Seaton.


5. Avoid Making Physical Compliments

You might think you’re onto a winner when you call your potential date “hot” or “sexy”, but there’s a fairly good chance it’ll fall flat.

Sure, compliments are nice, but only when they feel genuine. If you’re commenting on someone’s physical appearance without having met them, and without really knowing anything about them, it’ll just come across as a bit desperate – maybe even creepy.

Plus, women on dating sites receive these types of messages constantly. If you want to stand out and build a rapport that could lead to a real, in-person date, you need to think differently!


Do you have any other top online dating tips? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

April 27, 2018 BY Iain Gorman | Guy Talk

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