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7 Things You Definitely SHOULDN’T Eat on a First Date

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Hey there fella, you’ve bagged yourself a first date? Good job. Take the lint roller to your jacket, shine your shoes, and iron your shirt; that ought to see you right, right? Not quite, there’s one important potential deal breaker to a dinner date – and that’s knowing what food you shouldn’t eat on a first date. We’re going to let you in on the secret!

Not only do you need to give careful consideration to the restaurant, you need to think about the menu. Where you go and what you order will speak volumes about you as a potential beau, so we’ve got help at hand to advise on the pitfalls of some foods that could put your date right off a post dinner nightcap!

Make no mistake, men: women will notice absolutely everything about you on date number one; from how you’re dressed to how you act. And your ability to pick a nice restaurant, and order the right dishes, will go some way towards impressing her into date number two.

So, to ensure the odds are ever in your favour, here are a few (seven) things you should avoid eating on a first date.

Seven Foods to Avoid on a First Date – The Top 3

1. Lobster

Okay Mr Moneybags, you’ve only gone and picked the most expensive restaurant you could think of, and now you’d like to hammer home your deep pockets by ordering the lobster? Stop.

First of all, lobster is a nightmare to eat. It’s messy, smelly, and if you struggle to crack it open on the first go you’ll look like a noodle-armed weakling.

It also sends the wrong message. If you have money, great, but if you’re trying to impress your date by making her think you’re loaded, it’ll make you appear conceited. In short: steer clear of the shellfish.


2. Big Mac

Wait. Why are you in McDonald’s on a first date? Are you 12?

Seriously, of all the burger joints in all the towns in all the world, you can most certainly do better than Maccy D’s.

Taking your date to any run-of-the-mill fast food establishment will only make her think of you as cheap and uninspired. You can do better. You must do better. Be a bit daring, a bit imaginative, give both of you a reason to get dressed to the nines and enjoy one another’s company over some nice food and bottle of red.

A watery diet coke and a Big Mac with soggy, lukewarm fries just doesn’t have the same appeal.


3. Fish Fingers

Come on now, don’t order fish fingers (fish sticks for our North American readers). For starters, you’ll look childish and come across as a picky eater.

Ask yourself: why would anyone choose fish fingers when there’s actual, grown up fish dishes on the menu? Don’t give your date a reason to think that you’re boring before dessert has been and gone!


Other Key Foods to Avoid on a First Date

4. Corn on the Cob

Here’s a general rule of thumb: try to avoid food that you have to pick up, and food that you have to pick from between your teeth.

Corn on the cob falls into both categories.

Now, your choice of food really shouldn’t have anything to do with how attractive you appear while eating it, but it’s worth remembering that NO-ONE looks good trying to eat corn on the cob. If you see it on the menu, skip it.


5. Soup

Let’s interject here to suggest a little known tactic for eating out on a date: try to match your date in terms of courses ordered. In other words, don’t go eating more or less; it’s never fun watching someone eat, or being watched as you eat. In fact, it’s incredibly uncomfortable!

This brings us nicely to soup. A classic starter that should most definitely be avoided on a first date, the slurping, sipping, and splattering will be amplified if you’re eating this course alone.

What’s more, soup is super messy. You can picture the scene – you, sat there with your crisp, clean white shirt, trying to carefully consume tomato soup, only to end up looking like a lazy Jackson Pollock.

Better to play it safe and avoid anything that requires such careful hand-eye coordination.


6. (Spicy) Chicken Wings

We refer you back to our earlier point about steering clear of foods you have to pick up. Chicken wings are right up there as one of the worst foods you can order on a first date.

Another popular starter you need to avoid, messy doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re letting yourself in for if you don’t. Not only will your fingers be covered in sauce, there’s just no elegant way to nibble meat from bone.

And don’t get us started on SPICY chicken wings. Now is not the time to tempt the gods of indigestion. By ordering spicy chicken wings, you’ll be on the fast track to sitting opposite your date an eye-watery, snotty mess.

Oh, and heaven forbid you accidentally touch your eyeball with one of your spicy fingers. Talk about painful.


7. Vanilla Ice Cream

Zzzzzz… Oh, sorry, we just dozed off for a second.

Did you really order vanilla ice cream? Just vanilla ice cream?

Look, there was chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple pie, and you’ve gone and asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Exactly how boring do you want your date to think you are? You’d be as well eating the dessert menu itself instead of ordering VANILLA. ICE. CREAM. At least that would be interesting!

There’s a reason ‘vanilla’ is another word for ‘bland’, ‘boring’, ‘dull’, ‘tame’, ‘uninteresting’. All you’re doing by ordering ice cream flavoured as such is confirming that you’re unwilling to take risks – even small ones.

And she’ll be left wondering if your penchant for vanilla extends into other parts of your life (and the bedroom). “I bet he leaves his socks on” she’ll mumble under her breath as you carefully guide a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into your boring mouth.

Seriously, there was chocolate cake right there on the menu. And you ordered vanilla ice cream? Shame.

So guys, have we missed any foods that you definitely shouldn’t order on a first date? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

June 30, 2017 BY Iain Gorman | Guy Talk

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