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Guy Talk

5 More Things Men Want to Hear on a First Date

The truth is, there’s no shortage of nice and interesting things you can say to a guy on a first date. And owing to the popularity of our post ‘Top 5 Things Men Love to Hear on a First Date’, we’re back with 5 more things men want to hear on a first date in 2020. […]

Guy Talk

Top 5 Things Men Love to Hear on a First Date

Ladies, we know first dates can be nerve-wracking. If you make an instant connection, it can start to feel like everything is on the line, and winning a second date will come down to making a good first impression. In short, everything you say throughout the course of the evening matters to the person opposite. It could […]

First Dates

What NOT to Say On A First Date

First dates. We’ve all been there, whether it’s a blind date, set-up-by-your-friends date or a first date you’ve lined up from your own online dating efforts. A first date can be stressful enough without wishing you hadn’t opened your big mouth and said something that went down like a lead balloon. The art of knowing what […]


Dating Advice for Planning A Date

Dating Advice Vlog UrbanSocial has teamed up with dating blogger Jordyn Wegner, who gives us her dating advice for planning a date. It’s simple, but you’d be surprised how many times daters get caught out on this one! Watch her dating advice video below.     Hi Urbansocial followers, my names Jordyn from Canada, and I’m […]

Guy Talk

8 Things Women Wish Guys Did on a First Date

Excellent work – you’ve impressed your chosen woman enough to arrange that first date meet up. But the face to face date can be a whole new ball game for single guys wanting to make the right impression. For example, if you hold a chair out for your date, will she be impressed, or will […]

First Dates

12 Romantic Date Ideas in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as Australia’s garden city, but there’s more to it than just a bit of shrubbery. For some of the best romantic date ideas in Melbourne to try with your potential new love interest, read on. It’s a fast-paced, exciting place, positively bursting with things to see and do; so if you’ve landed […]

Guy Talk

7 Things You Definitely SHOULDN’T Eat on a First Date

Hey there fella, you’ve bagged yourself a first date? Good job. Take the lint roller to your jacket, shine your shoes, and iron your shirt; that ought to see you right, right? Not quite, there’s one important potential deal breaker to a dinner date – and that’s knowing what food you shouldn’t eat on a […]


Essential First Date Facial Hair Grooming Tips

You’ve got yourself a hot date – the time and place is arranged, and you want this one to go well. Getting both your first date chat and outfit sorted are key to making a good first impression. But did you know that your first date will also make a judgement about you based on […]

Guy Talk

12 Things Men Think During a First Date

Men, we’re a bit simple, right?   Well, we’ll have you know we’re actually incredibly complex creatures with a myriad of incredibly complex thoughts running through our minds at any given time…   Only joking.   We’re always thinking about boobs. Almost constantly. And on a first date, in between those thoughts, we’re certainly thinking […]

Dating Tips

Top tips for winning over your new guys friends

Meeting the friends is almost as daunting as meeting the parents. After all, your new man’s friends are the ones who know him and his habits the best. Whether you get on with them can be the make or break of any relationship. So here are some top tips to ensure that you win over your […]