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Tag: first date advices

Guy Talk

Top 5 Things Men Love to Hear on a First Date

Ladies, we know first dates can be nerve-wracking. If you make an instant connection, it can start to feel like everything is on the line, and winning a second date will come down to making a good first impression. In short, everything you say throughout the course of the evening matters to the person opposite. It could […]

First Dates

What NOT to Say On A First Date

First dates. We’ve all been there, whether it’s a blind date, set-up-by-your-friends date or a first date you’ve lined up from your own online dating efforts. A first date can be stressful enough without wishing you hadn’t opened your big mouth and said something that went down like a lead balloon. The art of knowing what […]

Guy Talk

8 Things Women Wish Guys Did on a First Date

Excellent work – you’ve impressed your chosen woman enough to arrange that first date meet up. But the face to face date can be a whole new ball game for single guys wanting to make the right impression. For example, if you hold a chair out for your date, will she be impressed, or will […]

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7 Things You Definitely SHOULDN’T Eat on a First Date

Hey there fella, you’ve bagged yourself a first date? Good job. Take the lint roller to your jacket, shine your shoes, and iron your shirt; that ought to see you right, right? Not quite, there’s one important potential deal breaker to a dinner date – and that’s knowing what food you shouldn’t eat on a […]


Essential First Date Facial Hair Grooming Tips

You’ve got yourself a hot date – the time and place is arranged, and you want this one to go well. Getting both your first date chat and outfit sorted are key to making a good first impression. But did you know that your first date will also make a judgement about you based on […]

Guy Talk

Don’t Blow It! 5 First Date Blunders That Ruin You

Right guys. You’ve met someone you like. They seem to like you. They’ve agreed to meet you for a first date drink. And now you’re nervous. What are you going to talk about? What are you going to wear? Where should you go? Well, before you tie yourself in knots, just remember: a first date […]

First Dates

Top 10 Tips for a Safe First Date

You are about to embark on a first date, perhaps with someone you’ve met online dating,  from a recent speed dating event or perhaps through a friend. Whichever one it is, and no matter how much messaging or emailing you have gone through in the lead up, don’t be fooled into thinking you know that […]

Guy Talk

Top 10 Foods to Avoid on a First Date

So you’ve locked in that first date and you want the night to go well. It’s likely to be meal out with some drinks and chat, which means there’s plenty of room for a few awkward moments that could you be avoided if you know what to order. On the first date, you’re both taking […]


Best Night of the Week For A First Date

So, you’ve got a first date booked in with a potential catch that maybe you’ve met online dating through Now it’s time to get up close and personal and meet them in the flesh. Apart from working out a location, an outfit and you chat for the night, make sure you give across the […]