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8 Things Women Wish Guys Did on a First Date

What woman want from a guy on First Date

Excellent work – you’ve impressed your chosen woman enough to arrange that first date meet up. But the face to face date can be a whole new ball game for single guys wanting to make the right impression. For example, if you hold a chair out for your date, will she be impressed, or will she think she can do it perfectly well herself? Will you talk too much or not enough? Getting it right can seem like a lot of pressure, but overthinking it could turn your first date into a dreaded event!

8 Things Women Wish Guys Did on a First Date

Fear not. Some first date advice for the guys is here… The top 8 things women wish guys did on a first date. Implementing these into your first date encounter should put you in a great position for moving to that second date. The first date tips will also make it a much more enjoyable time for both of you, whether or not they are your perfect match.

1. First Date Compliments – Sincere Ones

This has to be the first of 8 things women wish guys did on a first date. Women expect you to say something complimentary to get the first date off on the right tone. However, women are very good at spotting when a date compliment is fake and when you really mean it.

A sincere comment that you’ve thought about and taken the time to notice is much better than the knee jerk fake compliments that often get delivered early on. So take some time to look at your date first, and find something you like about them and then compliment her on it. Say it like you mean it with eye contact and some enthusiasm in your voice, or it will be wasted.

2. Ask Questions & Listen to the Answers

According to a study by Harvard University, the chance of getting a second date increases dramatically when daters take the time to ask questions about their date.

Asking a question and then looking away, checking your phone and not really listening to the answer won’t win you any points. It’s all about eye contact, engaging with your female date and responding with more interested questions. That way you will make your first date feel that you are interested in her, and that you have some good social skills too. Spending too much time talking about yourself is a real turn-off.

3. First Date Chivalry (it’s not dead)

Although single women want you to think that they’re independent and can do things for themselves, they still like some form of chivalry on a first date. You don’t need to go overboard, but opening a door or pulling out a chair definitely wins you a few points. It says a lot about you, how you were brought up and demonstrates a caring nature towards women. Yes women are independent, and can get on fine without you, but when they’re finding a potential partner, they’re still looking for someone who is going to care and protect them.

4. Put your Phone Away

Unless you want a date that receives ‘that emergency call’ during your date, or goes to the toilet never to return, put your phone away.
It doesn’t need to be on the table, and certainly shouldn’t be used for checking the latest football scores or your friends latest post. Women on a first date expect your full attention. Anything less is just plain rude and gives off the impression you aren’t interested.
The motto is… if you want to make it through your first date, the phone can wait. (a sneaky check while in the toilet or at the bar however is not a sack-able offence).

5. Forget Putting on a Front

Not the napkin down your shirt kind of front, those conversations where you aren’t really acting like you.
Whether that’s bragging about how many weights you can lift, how many modelling auditions you’ve had or the how many dates you’ve been on in the last month. Save it, we’re really not interested in that sort of stuff.
Women on a first date want a real conversation about a topic that’s a little deeper – one that reveals something more about the real you. The real stuff counts – that’s what women want to hear about. Travels, achievements, disappointments, family, aspirations. All that sort of stuff. Don’t try and impress with your gym routine or the fact you wrestled that shark on holiday.

6. First Date – Going Dutch

Not all women want a guy to pay for the first date – women are earners and like to pay their own way. However, they probably appreciate the offer. If your date offers to pay her way, feel free to make your best judgement call. Sometimes it works well if one pays for a round of drinks instead, or you go elsewhere for a pudding or a nightcap.
However, if you find your date ordering Oysters, Caviar and Champagne, it’s well worth dropping into the conversation that you’ll be going Dutch!

7. Don’t Say You’ll Call – and Then Don’t

If the first date doesn’t work out for whatever reason, the last thing women want is for you to say you’ll call if you’ve no intention of doing so. Women would much rather you were upfront, and had that First Dates studio conversation – ‘Would you like to see each other again?’
It’s much easier to move on if it’s clear that the feeling wasn’t mutual, the spark wasn’t there or you didn’t like that they had 3 cats. Being open and honest, allows women to move on instead of wondering why you never called, or what went wrong. So man up and be honest.

8. Be Upfront About the Kind of Relationship You Want

Here’s some news for you guys – you don’t all have to make out that you’re looking for a long-term relationship! A lot of guys seem to go on a first date believing that a girl wants a long-term relationship and that she’s checking out the guy to see if he’s marriage and babies material.
That may be the case for some women – but not all. While some may be looking for something more serious, others may want a more casual dating arrangement from their first date. The only way to find this one out is to have that conversation.

These 8 things women wish guys did on a first date are much more likely to land you with a second date. Or at the very least, will have made sure you had an enjoyable first date and if it’s not to be, you can both move on and start planning the next one. How do you think these compare to what guys wish women did on a first date?

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