Essential First Date Facial Hair Grooming Tips

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First Date Facial Hair Tips for Men

You’ve got yourself a hot date – the time and place is arranged, and you want this one to go well. Getting both your first date chat and outfit sorted are key to making a good first impression. But did you know that your first date will also make a judgement about you based on the state of your facial hair…

According to a recent study carried out among over 8000 women, and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, facial hair has a major influence on a guy’s sex appeal and perceived masculinity. The state of your facial hair and how you style it can effect whether a woman sees you as potential for a fling or a long term relationship.

The study showed that stubble was regarded as the most attractive type of facial hair, and received higher scores for short-term relationships or flings. In comparison, full beards were particularly attractive to women looking for a more long-term partner.

So depending on what you’re hoping for from your first date, get that beard or stubble tidied up and ready for your first date!

Our friends at Trendhim have given their top tips for perfecting your first date facial hair, whether it’s stubble or a groomed beard you’re going for.

First Date Beards

  • Decide what kind of beard is the best for your face

Although this may sound a little girly, finding out which facial hair style suits your face shape can make a world of difference. If you have a beard, then this is one of the first things your date is going to notice, so whether you like it or not they will be forming their first impressions based on your beard.

Check out this infographic from Mashable to see which shape you should pick.

Beard Shape Infogrpahic
Beard Shape Infographic

If you’re a first-time beard grower then be prepared for ‘the itch’ – there is no way around these growing pains so just stick it out and it will get better in a couple of weeks. Also, don’t be too quick to decide to start styling your beard, if you mess around with it too early you will end up disappointed. Instead, let it grow to about an inch long and then you can start styling it how you like.

  • How to get it clean and soft

First rule – always wash your beard. It is just like the hair on your head, it needs some care and attention too! Try using a moisturising shampoo and also a conditioner to stop it looking dry. Before a first date, it could also be a great idea to use some kind of beard balm to soften it even more. After all, if you decide to go in for a kiss later in the night you don’t want her to be left thinking how uncomfortable your beard felt!

  • How to get it neat and tidy

It is easy for longer beards to end up looking messy and untamed. To avoid this, trim your beard regularly (this will encourage growth too) and maybe run a comb through it. Be sure to do this before your first date as it will leave your beard looking sharp. If you have a really thick beard, then maybe try a beard brush, but be careful not to use it when the hairs are wet as this will lead to breakages and hair loss.

First Date Stubble

First Date Stubble

  • Get the right kit

To achieve some manly looking stubble for your first date, you may prefer to use an electric trimmer or a razor. Both tools range from the cheap to the expensive, it just depends on your personal preference. An electric trimmer is a great tool to use for the initial trimming down of the hairs, and a razor is great to use to keep the edges of your stubble clean to achieve a rugged but tidy look.

Whichever tool you use, practice using it a few times before your big first date, you don’t want to risk experimenting a few hours before and be left with uneven and messy stubble!

  • Warm up first

Before using a beard trimmer, make sure you have prepared it properly. Some models come with appropriate oil to use on the blades, but if yours didn’t you can just use something like WD40. Turn your trimmer on and begin applying a little bit of oil so that the blades are completely covered. Continue to let it run without using it for another 20 seconds and then turn off the trimmer and wipe the blades down. Most trimmers are designed to be used when the hair is dry so bear this in mind when planning your showers.

In contrast to an electric trimmer, before tidying your stubble with a razor it is important you soften the hairs you wish to get rid of using water. The best time to shave is definitely after a shower as the hairs have had a long time to absorb all the moisture in the air. If you don’t have time for a shower, then be sure to hold a damp cloth or flannel over the chin area for a couple of minutes before you begin to open up those pores.

  • The shave itself

When using an electric trimmer, you must shave against the grain, this generally means having upwards. The type of guard you choose to use is important; if you’re unsure on which to begin your trim with then try starting with number 3. If you aren’t seeing the results you’d like and you want the hair shorter, then maybe switch down to number 2. If you’ve started trimming and it’s way shorter than you expected, then don’t switch – you don’t want an uneven beard. It is better to just continue with the trim and then let it grow than to end up with patches.

When using a regular razor, you should try to shave in the direction your hair grows – this will help avoid any nicks or cuts. Also be sure you are not applying unnecessary pressure to the razor or using really long strokes, the former can cause irritation and the latter will result in an uneven shave as your razor won’t be as clean at the end of your stroke. Always use some kind of shaving cream or foam and make sure it is evenly distributed across the area you wish to tidy and thoroughly worked into the hairs.

  • End it right

Even though it is not as irritating as shaving, using a trimmer can still aggravate sensitive skin. If your skin is on the sensitive side, then consider using a moisturiser or some kind of post-shave lotion to soothe.

If you’re using a razor, then always wash your face with some warm water when you finish shaving and then use some kind of face wash – nothing harsh – to clean out your pores. After that, slap on some moisturiser to soften the skin.

The last thing you want when going in for a hug or a kiss later in the night is for her to feel that your skin and stubble is like sandpaper!

  • Some added extras

Now your facial hair is looking good, you need the rest of you to match! If you’ve got eyebrows on the bushy side, then you might want to consider pulling out the tweezers and giving them a tidy. Don’t worry too much about the eyebrows themselves, the most important area is between the two – a monobrow is not a good look. If you’ve got some hairs poking out of your ears and nose, then tidy these up too; you want your date’s full focus to be on what you’re saying, not on any stray hairs!

For all your shaving and beard care needs, head over to Trendhim.


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