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With more and more single girls and guys in the UK, around 12 million in fact, it's inevitable that the UK dating scene has become big business. Online dating is becoming more and more acceptable, and speed dating as well as a whole range of other themed singles parties are springing up every day.

If you're thinking about trying out a singles event, make sure you make the most of your opportunity. It's best to do your homework beforehand so you make sure you choose the singles event that's right for you. Here are some guidelines to consider when planning your singles night.

Choose your Dating Event

There are lots differently themed singles parties and singles events emerging on the UK dating scene. Some singles events aim to bring together as many single men and single women as they possibly can in one venue, while others aim for a smaller scale event providing a more intimate environment. When deciding which one to try, it's worth deciding whether you would be more likely to enjoy a larger event with a busy and hectic atmosphere, or a smaller event with a more relaxed approach to meeting other singles.

It's usual at most singles events for there to be an equal split of single men and single women, however, at some of the bigger events this is not always possible. On the whole, there tends to be more single women attending singles events, while there are generally more single men on online dating sites. At smaller dating events, like speed dating, an equal mix of single girls and single guys is crucial.

The range of dating events in the UK is becoming endless. There is speed dating, wine tasting dating, beer tasting dating, chemistry events, singles ski holidays, singles adventure weekends, dinner in the dark, dinner dating, and much much more. Have a think about which you think suits you best, but if in doubt, try them all!!!

Think about Taking a Single Friend

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a dating event alone, and many singletons choose to do it that way. However, dating events shouldn't be thought of as something to go to as a desperate measure, and kept secret from all your mates!

Times have changed, and singles events are the 'in thing' to do if you're single! So why not make it a sociable evening and bring a friend or two. For one thing it will ease any nerves you may feel at the beginning of the night, you'll probably feel more confident on the night, you'll have someone to chat to/laugh about it with, and it may make it easier to meet other people with a couple of you.

So, don't be scared to ask your single mates to go, you might be surprised that they quite fancy going too, and at worst you could meet some good mates to hang out with.

Don't be Fashionably Late

Many of us still stick to the age-old rule of being fashionably late to parties. For singles events this might not necessarily be the best approach. At a singles event, the main aim of the evening is to meet other daters. So, it's not surprising that at singles events, it pays to be there on time, to maximise opportunities to meet new people and get in there first!

Turning up fashionably late might mean you've missed the boat, or at least the best talent on the night as they will have been snapped up already!! You could also end up finding it hard to integrate with other single guests as everyone has already formed groups and conversations. So don't miss out, get there on time, or better still, slightly early! It'll pay off!!

Be Friendly

There's no point turning up to a singles event with the intention of meeting other singles if you're not prepared to make an effort, make the first move and speak to lots of strangers, some of whom you will strike a chord with and some you may not. That's the beauty of singles events, meeting different and new people who may or may not share views with.

Everyone at a singles events is in the same boat, perhaps not sure what to expect and perhaps a bit daunted to start with. People deal with situations differently, some better than others, but the important rule is to respect others and always be polite.

The dating game can be a testing time for anyone, some can be more fragile than others, and cracking inappropriate jokes, being rude, offish or dismissive is not the way to go. It's very important to take other people's feelings into consideration when meeting them for the first time. There is very little need to be rude to someone under any circumstances.

If you feel uncomfortable in anyones company, it is better to excuse yourself (e.g. go to the bar, or the loo, or pretend you're phone is ringing) than to make it clear what you think of them. If you feel threatened or offended by anyone, the best course of action would be to mention it to the organisers of the event rather than taking it up with them personally. So have a good time and be friendly!

Stay Sensible

Just because you're at an organised event, doesn't mean you're in a different or safer environment than any other night out. You never know who you will meet, so it goes without saying that you should use the same caution and safety pointers as you would normally on a night out.

Don't give your personal details (home address or phone number) out to anyone at the drop of a hat or even to someone who you feel like you've known for years. An email address is probably the safest way to start off, or take their details.

Don't drink so excessively that your judgements are blurred and all sense goes out the window. We've all been there before but know it's not sensible or particularly attractive either!

Don't accept a lift home, get in a marked cab, and make sure someone knows your movements. All basic stuff but easy to get carried away sometimes, so just keep your wits about you, and you'll have a good night!

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