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UK Dating in 2017

UK Dating in 2017

If you're single this year, you're among the 12 million other singletons in the UK all wondering what the year will bring. Could you do more to make the most of the dating game this year? With many singletons working long hours and spending our spare time keeping fit and catching up with old friends, there isn't much time left to meet new people. Even if they do have the time, many singletons don't really know where to begin.

In case you haven't being paying attention, the UK dating scene is most certainly alive and kicking, with all sorts of events to try out and a variety of online dating sites to suit all tastes. The old perception of online dating sties and dating events being for the middle-aged desperados of this world has well and truly been replaced with some ingenious new concepts and down-right funky sites that cater for the younger twenty and thirty something young professionals of the single world.

So before you write off the goodies of the dating world as not for you, check out what's about first - you might be pleasantly surprised!!

What are the Dating Options?

This article gives you a quick overview on two of the most popular ways of meeting singles in the UK: online dating and singles events.

Both online dating and dating events in the UK have become big business in the last few years, with loads of online dating sites around and millions of dating events organisers running an event in your area. But what are they really like? Well, that depends where you go.....

Online Dating

When some think of online dating, they imagine married men, bored housewives, fluffy hearts, computer geeks, and those with absolutely no social skills. Some would say definitely not the done thing by young, sociable, outgoing professionals. They'd probably be very surprised to see just how much some online dating sites have moved away from this stereotype.

The UK online dating scene now has many new, young and rather funky companies that cater specifically for different ages of singles with different tastes and needs. After all, not all single people want the same things, a 45 year old single woman with children is not necessarily going to want the same things in an online dating site as a single 24 year old male professional.

It's all about picking the right brand that suits you and giving it a go.

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Speed Dating

You must have been on Mars if you haven't heard about speed dating in the UK. A simple idea that has taken the nation by storm, speed dating is a must for any single girl or single guy. Again, some imagine it to be a bit artificial, and at the very least a cringeworthy experience. Others are frightened off by the thought of putting themselves in a situation where they have to talk to other random singles.

You might be surprised to know that most singles who go speed dating, no matter how dubious they were about it, have had a brilliant night out, and end up going more than once! After all, how often can you come back from a night out saying you met at least 10 other single people of the opposite sex?! It's simple, effective and an all round entertaining night out!

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