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24 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards for Singles

valentine's day cards

Let’s just cut to the chase – Valentine’s Day can be a bit rubbish. Especially if you’re single.

If you’ve been anywhere near a supermarket since just after Christmas, you’ll have seen your fair share of heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped chocolates, and saccharine, cheesy, lovey-dovey greetings cards.

You’re probably sick of it, and who can blame you? So if you want to show Hallmark who’s boss this February 14th, send one of these brilliantly creative V-Day cards made by brilliantly creative people to one of your single friends.


1. People ARE idiots



Snap your single friend back to reality and help them see that Valentine’s Day could be so much worse! Oh, and this one’s a print-at-home digital file, so it makes for an ideal last-dash option.


Credit: ONE girl many ideas | Buy Here


2. Friends forever



Who needs men, eh? Show your single friend that you’ll be there for them (when the rain starts to fall, etc.)


Credit: Paper Sheriff | Buy Here


3. Be a little bubbly



Send to your friend, or send to yourself. Just make sure there’s an accompanying bottle of prosecco!


Credit: Lima Lima Cards | Buy Here


4. Speak the truth



Roses ARE red. Violets ARE blue. And, yup, the rest of this card checks out too.


Credit: Hennel Paper Co | Buy Here


5. Puppy love



One for the dog-lover in your life. Let them know they’re adored by both you and their four-legged friend.


Credit: Silly Prints UK | Buy Here


6. Be the best wingwoman known to man



Don’t abandon your best friend on Valentine’s day. Show them it’s ALWAYS mates before dates.


Credit: Bespokeverse | Buy Here


7. Go nuts for donuts



That’s a BFF rallying cry if ever we heard one.


Credit: Tamara Garvey | Buy Here


8. Come in like a Wrecking Ball



Be a little cheeky and put a smile on a single friend’s card with this naughty Miley Cyrus-themed effort.


Credit: Naughty Little Cards | Buy Here


9. There’s no such thing as bad pizza



Celebrate anti-valentine’s day by reaffirming your love of pizza. Hey, maybe you could even stick a gift card in there for a well-known pizza establishment?


Credit: The Antlered Seal | Buy Here


10. Worry no more…



Be a good friend and guarantee your single pals have at least one card to open on the big day.


Credit: The Sour Peach | Buy Here


11. Be an amazing friend to your amazing friend



Cheer up your single friend on this cruelest of commercialised days by letting them know they’re loved – big time.


Credit: Emily McDowell Studio | Buy Here


12. Take back V-day from the love-struck…



Celebrate Palentine’s day instead! All of the fun, none of the disappointing candy or sorry petrol station flowers.


Credit: Always Sparkle Art | Buy Here


13. In the pink



Hey hot stuff – time to get out there and shake your tail feathers!


Credit: BAECKANN | Buy Here



14. You’re so alone…



Want to be a little cruel? Repurpose this Christmas card as a V-day card and remind your single friend that they’re so damn alone. (Please take them out for a cocktail or two after!).


Credit: Naughty Little Cards | Buy Here


15. The claws are out



Show your friend you have faith they’ll find love one day – with two legs, or four.


Credit: Sioux Alice | Buy Here


16. Happy V-Day A-Hole



Class meets crude with this exquisitely designed card calling your dearest friend an arsehole on a day to celebrate love.


Credit: Silly Prints | Buy Here


17. Good vibrations



Here’s a card for your single gal pal who definitely has a Valentine’s date with her bedside drawer.


Credit: Nakedorno | Buy Here


18. A change of habit



No action on the horizon for you and your bestie? Make a convent covenant…


Credit: The Vintage Deer Co. | Buy Here


19. Dammit Cupid



Show that little winged so and so what you really think!


Credit: Row House 14 | Buy Here


20. That about sums it up





Credit: BAECKAN | Buy Here


21. Sizzling



A little confidence boost never did anyone any harm.


Credit: Cho Be Art and Design | Buy Here


22. You’re #winning!



You’re only truly winning when someone else is losing…


Credit: Lanier Printables | Buy Here


23. It’s a matter of fact



It’s just another day. Nothing special about it.


Credit: Naughty Little Cards | Buy Here


24. Stick together



Do you have a single friend who hates Valentine’s day as much as you? Send them this and stick together.


Credit: Stranger Days | Buy Here


Have we missed any from our list? Or do you have your own v-day idea for the singles in your life?
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February 2, 2017 BY Iain Gorman | Lifestyle