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The Best Way To Message A Girl Online Dating

Lifestyle blogger Liv Seaton gives us her top tip for guys who are looking to meet women online dating. Liv gives her top pieces of advice for men on the best way to message a girl online dating. See what her dating advice for men is in this short 30 second video.   Dating ...

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Date Ideas

The Best NYC First Date Ideas, No Matter the Weather

The best NYC first date ideas really ought to be a dime a dozen. After all, New York is a city that just does not stop – there’s always something happening somewhere. And yet, when the time comes to sweep someone of their feet with a fun and thoughtful activity, you can almost guarantee your mind ...

Elizabeth Overstreet relationship expert

Dating & Relationship Advice

Top 3 Dating Tips That Work

Urbansocial has teamed up with author and relationship expert Elizabeth Overstreet. Elizabeth has appeared in dozens of Stateside news and chat shows about dating and relationships. Renowned as the relationship whisperer, in this video, Elizabeth gives us her top 3 dating tips that work for those looking to find love. ...

First Dates

5 Ways to Find Confidence Before a First Date

5 ways to find confidence before a first date We’ve all been there.  Finding yourself full of nerves before a first date with that guy or girl you really want to get to know. The anticipation and nervousness that many of us experience before a date can completely throw you off when you meet your ...


Six Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Awareness Day

Rumour has it that it was an enterprising young student at Mississippi State University who first started Singles Awareness Day, seeking to create a day for single people to enjoy as Valentine’s Day looms large. And boy we’re glad they did. Even though Single Awareness (or ‘Appreciation’) Day is often shortened to ...


19 More Sidesplitting Valentine’s Day Cards for Single People

Has it been a year already? Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and just like last time, we wanted to spare a thought for the single people of the world. Did you know there are plenty of Valentine’s day cards for singles too. While those loved-up couples are spending their hard-earned dosh on heart-shaped ...

Dating Tips

Top New Year Dating Resolutions for Singles

Top New Year Dating Resolutions For Singles Fit into your skinny jeans, chuck out the chocolate, save more money. Every year we start thinking about all these new year resolutions we want to better ourselves with. But, have you ever thought about changes you can make to your dating life? If you’re single, you ...

Online Dating

The Perfect Online Dating Profile for 2018

Technology may have moved on from the days of Cyrano de Bergerac, but the power of the written word hasn’t. If you’re looking for love online in 2018, it’s actually pretty simple; you just need to learn how to write the perfect dating profile. Today, the dating scene is dominated by apps with a focus ...

Online Dating

How to Create the Best Online Dating Profile Photo

Our friends at the leading Dating Photography Agency Hey Saturday are here to give you their top tips for creating the best online dating profile photo to get you those hits and messages online. So read on to make sure you’ve maximised your chances for online dating success. The ultimate 3 step formula to ...

Guy Talk

A Guy’s Guide to New Year’s Eve

Ten! Nine! Eight! “I can’t believe I’m at another New Year’s Eve party, alone.” Seven! Six! Five! “Next year, I’m definitely staying at home. This is rubbish.” Four! Three! Two! “Hmmmph.” One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Sound familiar? If the answer’s yes, then this guide’s for you. New Year’s Eve might (more often than ...

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