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Top New Year Dating Resolutions for Singles

Top New Year Dating Resolutions For Singles Fit into your skinny jeans, chuck out the chocolate, save more money. Every year we start thinking about all these new year resolutions we want to better ourselves with. But, have you ever thought about changes you can make to your dating life? If you’re single, you ...

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Online Dating

The Perfect Online Dating Profile for 2018

Technology may have moved on from the days of Cyrano de Bergerac, but the power of the written word hasn’t. If you’re looking for love online in 2018, it’s actually pretty simple; you just need to learn how to write the perfect dating profile. Today, the dating scene is dominated by apps with a focus ...


Online Dating

How to Create the Best Online Dating Profile Photo

Our friends at the leading Dating Photography Agency Hey Saturday are here to give you their top tips for creating the best online dating profile photo to get you those hits and messages online. So read on to make sure you’ve maximised your chances for online dating success. The ultimate 3 step formula to ...

Guy Talk

A Guy’s Guide to New Year’s Eve

Ten! Nine! Eight! “I can’t believe I’m at another New Year’s Eve party, alone.” Seven! Six! Five! “Next year, I’m definitely staying at home. This is rubbish.” Four! Three! Two! “Hmmmph.” One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Sound familiar? If the answer’s yes, then this guide’s for you. New Year’s Eve might (more often than ...

Guy Talk

8 Things Women Wish Guys Did on a First Date

Excellent work – you’ve impressed your chosen woman enough to arrange that first date meet up. But the face to face date can be a whole new ball game for single guys wanting to make the right impression. For example, if you hold a chair out for your date, will she be impressed, or will ...

Online Dating

Top Tips to Get Into Online Dating

Feel like you’re ready to start seeing new people again? Whether it’s after a breakup, divorce or a fling, dipping your toe into the waters of online dating sites may seem an unnatural way to meet new singles. However, a quick Google search will prove that’s far from true. Online dating is one of the ...


Quit Smoking to Change Your Sex Life

It may not be a comfortable thought for many smokers, but regular cigarette smoking changes your sex life. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, when we consider how complex the human body is. All the main organs of the body are connected and depend on one another to function optimally. If we do harm ...


Divorce? 5 ways to get your groove back

OK so no one would ever say that divorce was easy, but here it is, a fact of life. Sometimes relationships just don’t work and whether that’s your fault, his fault or just a simple case of growing apart – it’s a transition period in your life. But all too often, divorce can mean having ...

Date Ideas

12 Romantic Date Ideas in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as Australia’s garden city, but there’s more to it than just a bit of shrubbery. For some of the best romantic date ideas in Melbourne to try with your potential new love interest, read on. It’s a fast-paced, exciting place, positively bursting with things to see and do; so if you’ve landed ...

Food & Drink

7 Things You Definitely SHOULDN’T Eat on a First Date

Hey there fella, you’ve bagged yourself a first date? Good job. Take the lint roller to your jacket, shine your shoes, and iron your shirt; that ought to see you right, right? Not quite, there’s one important potential deal breaker to a dinner date – and that’s knowing what food you shouldn’t ...

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